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Washington Liberals Must Stop Playing Chicken With the Economy in Scheme to Raise Taxes

Washington, D.C.: Today the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) issued a report warning that the economy would go into deep recession and unemployment would shoot up unless Congress and the President act to avoid the fiscal cliff and defense sequester this fall.

The House of Representatives has passed legislation (H.R. 4966) to replace the defense sequester cuts with smarter, safer and more sensible cuts. However neither the President nor Leader Harry Reid has offered a specific plan to avoid the fiscal cliff and economic catastrophe. Instead, Washington Liberals continue to use the sequester and the fiscal cliff as a “weapon” to force unwanted tax increases.

On behalf of the YG Network, Senior Advisor Brad Dayspring issued the following statement:

“Liberals are playing a dangerous game of chicken to force a tax increase that most Americans don’t want. Senator Dick Durbin has recklessly referred to the impending fiscal cliff as a ‘weapon’ to force tax hikes. Even President Obama has admitted that raising taxes would destroy millions of jobs. It’s time for liberals in Washington to stop threatening middle class families and hard working taxpayers with massive tax hikes and stoking fears of economic collapse – it is the last thing that they need right now.”

“With so many millions of Americans struggling to find and keep a job, no family or small business person should be crippled with a tax increase right now. Liberal leaders like President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi need to stop playing chicken with the economy and stop the tax threats to avoid this impending catastrophe.”

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