An Alternative to Raising the Minimum Wage

Reforming the EITC would raise the take-home pay of tens of millions of low-income, working Americans without destroying jobs.


Expanding Manufacturing Jobs

A tariff strategy to reduce unnecessary barriers will result in stronger U.S. manufacturing, more American jobs, and greater economic growth.


Expanding Options for Parental Leave

Policymakers should pursue a parental leave program that empowers individuals, not a one-size-fits-all, government-centric system.


Increasing American Mobility for Jobs and Growth

Providing low-income households with a limited loan to relocate for job-related purposes increases individual opportunity…


Expanding Apprenticeship Programs

Policymakers should reduce barriers to apprenticeship programs and encourage businesses to develop them.


Women Believe in Welfare to Work

Our most recent poll of 800 women shows that 88% of them believe that trapping people in a state of long-term government dependency is not the right way forward. The dependency trap runs counter to our American ideals—it’s both uncompassionate to the poor and unfair to middle-class taxpayers who are footing the bill for government […]


Here’s What Obama, Reid, And Pelosi Have To Show For Their Agenda

What do President Obama, Leader Reid and Leader Pelosi have to show for their policy agenda? A weak labor market and a record 49.7 million poor people.


“People should have to work to receive food stamps, with a few exceptions.”

In the recent YG Network focus group, a Swing participant from Minneapolis had this to say about welfare: “People should have to work to receive food stamps, with a few exceptions.”


“It’s such a broken system.”

In the recent YG Network focus group, a Swing participant, Palm Beach had this to say about welfare: “It’s such a broken system.”


82% of Conservatives Say the Safety Net Can Be a Dependency Trap

The YG Network is focused on conservative policy solutions that create a stronger America.