Room to Grow Series


On June 26, 1956, President Eisenhower signed the Federal-Aid Highway Act into law. As it began to develop, the new interstate system connected communities, moved traffic more quickly and efficiently, and reduced congestion. Nearly 60 years later, the National Highway System spans about 150,000 miles. America’s transportation policy, however, remains stuck in the 20th century […]

Startups and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, which the late economist Joseph Schumpeter referred to as “creative destruction,” is the engine that powers the American economy. Entrepreneurs, who drive the cycle of competition, change, and adaptation, are the catalysts of creative destruction and America’s economic growth. Their risk-taking spurs innovation; they challenge old ways of doing things, construct better alternatives, and […]

Environment and Energy

Conservatives shouldn’t have to apologize for responding with squeamishness to the apocalypticism that frequently accompanies the environmental movement. Conservatives, however, have compelling reasons to pay attention to environmental issues. The environment is too important of a policy area to cede to progressives, who have used their monopoly of the topic as a prerogative to enact […]

Higher Education

The cost of college places a stifling burden on America’s middle class. In a recent poll, 77 percent of respondents said they believe higher education is not affordable for those who need it. Public opinion reflects the facts: tuition at four-year public universities has almost quadrupled since the early 1980s, and 70 percent of current […]