Morning Buzz

Keep Regulators’ Hands off the Wheel

State and federal regulators jeopardize the development and production of safe autonomous vehicles.

Getting Back to Work

While the current administration fails to inspire confidence, reform conservatives offer an array of ideas to get Americans working again.

John Oliver Is Wrong

A school will win $100,000 as a result of his flagrant misrepresentation.

How to Fail at Labor Day

Be judicious with your selfies…

America’s Looming Fiscal Crisis

If policymakers don’t get the federal government’s fiscal house in order, the U.S. may face a debilitating fiscal crisis.

Happy belated birthday, National Park Service!

We celebrate the National Park Service’s centennial, but warn that we must address our parks’ $12 billion backlog of maintenance projects.

It’s All About the Benjamins

With 75 days until Election Day, buckle up…

The Sky Didn’t Fall

Liberal naysayers were wrong about welfare reform. Now, the law’s success should guide reforms of other anti-poverty programs.

Breaking Free of the “New Normal”

Chronically low growth doesn’t have to be the “new normal.” A Stanford economist offers a way forward.


We pay homage to decades-old SNL skits about the Olympics and “The McLaughlin Group.”