Buzz Lite

Last Chance to RSVP

First, don’t miss Reihan Salam’s discussion about the future of conservatism. Then, celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Bring Your Own Hot Sauce

And other things Hillary carries in her purse…

Yeas and Neighs

Because sometimes the Senate can be funny…

Like a Punch in the Gut

Warning: You have four days to file your taxes.

Don’t Be a Bond Villain

If asked about your political ambition, don’t laugh.

Hot Potatoes on the Campaign Trail

If this is how we close out March, what will April look like?

Star Boors: Episode MMXVI

A sequel that would receive few positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Enjoy today’s Buzz Lite and your St. Patrick’s Day!

A Persistent Pinocchio Problem

Voters in the Michigan Democratic primary, who identified honesty as the top quality they want in a candidate, went 4:1 for Bernie Sanders.

A Modern-Day Pinocchio?

Bernie Sanders’ supporters may have identified someone to play the lead role.