Buzz Lite

If the Slogan Fits…

But seriously, what IS the campaign’s slogan? (And don’t use Google.)

A Low Bar

“Extremely careless” but unindicted

Happy Independence Day! (A Few Days Early)

We hope you enjoy a fun, safe Fourth of July.

Congrats, Cleveland!

Your 68-year sports curse is broken…

A Glass (Ceiling) Half Empty

About that glass ceiling…

Batter Up!

Another strikeout from a far-left fielder…

Hillary Clinton broke the rules with her email practices, including her use of a private server.

Thank You for Your Sacrifice

We pause to give thanks to our nation’s veterans and their families.

The Clinton Bargain Basement

When two-for-one isn’t a good deal…

The Unofficial National Mammal

The American bison may be the new national mammal of the U.S., but then there’s the unofficial one…