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2016 Debate Prep

We’re here to get you ready for Monday’s presidential debate…

For Your Health

With the campaign focused on candidates’ health and well-being, now’s a good time to consider how you’re taking care of yourself.

A Back-To-School Thriller

You thought critical thinking and engaging discussions were safe, but then trigger warnings and safe spaces invaded.

How to Fail at Labor Day

Be judicious with your selfies…

It’s All About the Benjamins

With 75 days until Election Day, buckle up…


We pay homage to decades-old SNL skits about the Olympics and “The McLaughlin Group.”

Olympics Update: America!

While the United States is crushing it, Rio continues to struggle.

Catch Olympic Fever

Go Team USA! (And be safe.)

Democratic Convention Edition

Were pages missing from Bill’s speech?

GOP Convention Edition

That kiss though.