Preventing the Obama Administration From Denying Millennials Flexibility in the Workplace

The Obama administration’s new overtime rule jeopardizes the employee benefit of greater workplace flexibility.

Marking One Year of Conservative Solutions

CRN’s Solutions Center marks its first anniversary of producing conservative solutions to the challenges confronting the American people.

An Alternative to Raising the Minimum Wage

Reforming the EITC would raise the take-home pay of tens of millions of low-income, working Americans without destroying jobs.

Helping Every Family with Child Care Expenses

Expanding the child tax credit would benefit tens of millions of families by empowering parents to make child care decisions that are best for them.

Expanding Manufacturing Jobs

A tariff strategy to reduce unnecessary barriers will result in stronger U.S. manufacturing, more American jobs, and greater economic growth.

Expanding Options for Parental Leave

Policymakers should pursue a parental leave program that empowers individuals, not a one-size-fits-all, government-centric system.

Reforming Washington: What Congress Can Learn From “Undercover Boss”

Here are six ideas members of Congress should consider implementing for a more fulsome oversight effort.

Addressing Student Loan Debt Through Work, Marriage, and Tax Relief

These two changes to the tax code would benefit millions of married Americans and those in the workforce who have student loan debt.

A Strategy for Upward Mobility

Policymakers should ensure relevant federal programs promote what scholars describe as the “success sequence.”

Increasing American Mobility for Jobs and Growth

Providing low-income households with a limited loan to relocate for job-related purposes increases individual opportunity…