Room to Grow Scholars Look Back at 2016, Look Ahead to 2017

Here’s what they had to say:

“Spending Hullaba-LEW”

10 Questions on Spending & Debt for the Obama Administration & Treasury Nominee Jack Lew   1. Why Haven’t President Obama’s Deficits Gone Down “Considerably,” Despite YOUR Projections That They Will?  Is The Federal Government SPENDING Too Much? Despite Four Straight Years Of Trillion Dollar Deficits, Jack Lew Projected That The President’s Budget Deficits Will […]

We Need a Competitive Tax Code for Growth & Jobs

If you haven’t seen the Cato Institute’s new 2012 Corporate Tax and Competitive Rankings, make sure to check it out Reforming not just individual taxes, but corporate taxes is essential to get the economy growing again. Key findings by Cato: “We find that the U.S. effective tax rate on new corporate investment is 35.6 percent […]