Policy Matters: U.S. Crude Oil Exports Set Records

We’re beginning to see the benefits of lifting the crude oil export ban.

Marking One Year of Conservative Solutions

CRN’s Solutions Center marks its first anniversary of producing conservative solutions to the challenges confronting the American people.

Restoring Our National Parks

Policymakers should use scarce resources to improve and maintain America’s deteriorating national parks, not to buy more land.

Encouraging America’s Energy Revolution & Creating High-Paying Jobs

Repealing the 40-year-old ban on crude oil exports would help unleash America’s energy revolution and increase employment.

An End-Of-Summer Solutions Refresher

As the hot summer days wind down and to help you plan for the fall, we thought you may want a quick, refreshing recap of proposals we have published through our Solutions Center.

Keeping the Lights On for the Middle Class

When a few liberal authors tried changing the discussion about Adam White’s policy recommendations, he set the record straight.

A brighter future

9 out of 10 respondent to our poll said they had seen an increase in the money they paid for energy.

A bright idea

At a time when 9 out of 10 respondents to our poll have experienced rising energy costs, Americans are ready for solutions, and Conservatives are in the perfect position to offer them.

77% are hurting from Energy prices.

An overwhelming majority feel that they are “hurting from energy prices.”

Pipelines, Trains, and Automobiles

It looks like there isn’t any “oomph” left in President Obama’s second term. The AP’s Josh Lederman and Jim Kuhnhenn reported this morning that his agenda has “no safe bets,” and Peter Nicholas and Carol E. Lee of The Wall Street Journal recently wrote that “Obama’s Agenda Faces Rocky Road.” (Sadly, the article is devoid of ice cream.)