This is Obamacare.

YG Network’s new improv-style web videos take Americans inside the day-to-day life of the firm responsible for the government’s $600 million Obamacare website that does not work.

New Obamacare Ad: #StopTheSell

Check out the new Obamacare ad.

The Fine Print: What OFA Left Out Of Their Obamacare Promotion

The left is launching an all-out campaign to get you to like this law, but Americans know that Obamacare is unfair to their pocketbooks.

“Kick The Can”

The leadership record of Barack Obama. Four years of trillion dollar deficits. Almost four years without a federal budget. And instead of common-sense budget cuts, he gives us The Sequester, which threatens public safety and compromises national security. Barack Obama ignores spending problems and only offers us tax increases and political games. Tell President Obama; It’s time to stop kicking the can down the road.

“Opportunity” and “Conservative Principles”

“Opportunity and belief in tomorrow start with an education system that works. Now we can and we must do better. Investment in education leads to innovation, which leads to more opportunity and jobs for all. Our goal is to ensure that every American has a fair shot to earn success and achieve their dreams… join us in actually tackling the big problems facing this country.” – Eric Cantor

“Fight For Us”

“Fight For Us” Mia Love (UT-04) “Fight For Us” Kristi Noem (SD-At Large) “Fight For Us” Nan Hayworth (NY-18) “Fight For Us” Jackie Walorski (IN-02) “Fight For Us” Martha McSally (AZ-02)

“We Choose”

“We Choose” Vernon Parker “We Choose” Sean Duffy “We Choose” Rodney Davis “We Choose” Ricky Gill “We Choose” Jon Runyan “We Choose” Joe Heck “We Choose” David Valadao “We Choose” Danny Tarkanian

New Radio Ads

“Made Up My Mind” Sean Duffy (WI-7) “Small Business” Bobby Schilling (IL-17)

PA-12: “Pennsylvania Values”

IL-12: “Day One”