Rubio Setting “Conservative Wonkternet” Abuzz

Happy Friday folks,

This has definitely been a week for Americans to become more optimistic. Not only did the US Mens’ National Team advance to the next round, but people are catching on to the idea that reform conservative ideas can help generate economic growth.

One idea that can help middle-class families was profiled by Alexa Moutevelis Coombs of National Review Online, is the “Working Families Flexibility Act, which would allow employees to choose to get comp time instead of overtime pay.”

“On workplace flexibility,” notes YG Network’s April Ponnuru, “unions hate it, women love it. Nearly 9 in 10 women think employers should be able to offer a choice between overtime pay and time off. They also support the employer’s ability to provide more flexible work arrangements, and paid leave options.”

Other innovative solutions were recently championed by Senator Marco Rubio at an event hosted by Hillsdale College and YG Network. The event has set the “conservative wonkternet” abuzz, says Forbes contributor Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, because of its solutions to everyday economic problems.

Rubio’s ideas tie in nicely with our new book, Room To Grow, which paves the way for new conservative ideas to rescue the middle class.

Watch the entire speech HERE.

Seize the day.