ReNew: Elevating Ideas




the reality

Conservatives, and the Republican party in particular, have lost the trust of many working- and middle-class voters. There is little time left to win it back. It is past time for the GOP and the conservative movement to adopt a bold reform agenda to address these groups’ hopes and fears.

the vision

ReNew is an independent project of the Conservative Reform Network. As a network of young professionals, our goal is to persuade the right-leaning political class to apply core conservative and libertarian principles in innovative ways to address the problems confronting Americans today.

connect with us

We invite you to help us develop a new approach to campaigning and governing: Applying classic conservative and libertarian principles to develop innovative responses to today’s challenges, and communicating these policies in an appealing and persuasive way.

our policy document

Click here or on the cover image below to download ReNew’s policy document.

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ReNew is an independent project of the Conservative Reform Network (CRN). Its views and those of its members do not necessarily represent those of CRN.