The Latest in Healthcare


Make sure to read this great post on National Review’s “The Corner” by Gracie Marie Turner, whom has participated in several YG Network events – most recently at the YG Woman Up! Pavilion in Tampa (link to that page). Turner highlights a new study that shows: “Obamacare’s $716 billion in Medicare cuts will have a very real impact on limiting seniors’ access to care throughout the country, but a new study by two health-policy researchers shows that seniors in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and five other big states will take the largest hits.”

Also, she links to a new website from The American Action Network:

The American Action Network has created a website that shows how data from the study break down by congressional districts. Residents of several districts face nearly $2 billion in cuts, including those represented by Representatives Ted Deutch of Florida, William Keating of Massachusetts, and Steve Israel of New York.

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