The Cronyist Threat

Conservatives should act to restore confidence in free markets

Ten Priorities for Education Policy

Less micromanaging, more flexibility

Rebranding Conservatism, October Surprises, and Trump’s Alleged Groping

April Ponnuru, senior advisor at the Conservative Reform Network, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the trouble with the Republican party’s brand…


CRN, Conservative Groups Praise House Republicans’ Blueprint for Tax Reform

It’s time to overhaul our tax system to create a code that grows our economy, jobs, and workers’ paychecks.


CRN Applauds House GOP Plan for Regulatory Relief, Reform

To unleash the full potential of the U.S. economy, we must reduce and reform the regulatory state.


CRN: Enact, Build Upon House Republicans’ Anti-Poverty Blueprint

Speaker Ryan’s decision to launch the agenda project by focusing on poverty and upward mobility sends an important signal that House Republicans have their priorities right.


CRN Applauds Chairman Hensarling’s, Financial Services Committee’s CHOICE Act

CRN applauds Chairman Hensarling and the House Financial Services Committee for producing the kind of policies necessary to restore the promise of the American dream.

CRN Applauds Efforts to Block Obama Administration’s Fiduciary Rule

CRN opposes the Obama administration’s fiduciary rules which would restrict hard-working Americans’ access to sound financial advice as they plan and save for a secure retirement.

free file

CRN: Make The Free File Program Permanent

Some 40 million taxpayers have saved $1.3 billion in tax preparation costs thanks to the Free File Program.

Tax graphic

CRN, Conservative Coalition Calls for Tax Reform to Address Inversions

Instead of imposing new regulations, the administration should address one of the drivers of inversions by working with Congress to reform our business tax code.