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“We Need to Offer Affirmative Proposals.”


Good morning, friends, and happy Friday!

And we’re 46 days from Election Day!

I’m not in the business of prognosticating, particularly of evaluating something that hasn’t occurred, namely Election Day. It’s important, however, to consider what direction the conservative movement should take in the months and years ahead.

Unsurprisingly, I contend the principled, practical voices of reform conservatives must lead in that discussion. CRN’s April Ponnuru detailed her vision (here and here), as have many other conservative thinkers.

Berny Belvedere, editor-in-chief of The Arc Mag, recently evaluated the state of conservatism. He writes on Medium, “[T]he reality is we are never going to win over the populace with denunciations. We need to offer affirmative proposals.”


He further observes in “The Republican Party Is Not Dead,”

There either needs to be a reawakening of intellectual interest in the conservative approach, or the approach deserves to die out. The good thing is there is no shortage of resources. Consider, for example, taking a deep dive into the proposals that so-called Reform Conservatives have offered. Or how about closely studying Yuval Levin’s new work: The Fractured Republic? Or simply take a handful of columnists or publications offering a robust treatment of conservative ideas, set them up as daily or weekly reading — whether through bookmarking, RSS-optimization, or whatever mechanism best works for you — and then test yourself to see if you understand what they’re offering.

I couldn’t agree more. Take his advice: Dive into Room To Grow, check out the policy briefing books in the Room To Grow series, follow conservative columnists who offer affirmative proposals, and read books like The Fractured Republic and The Conservative Heart. You may find the vision and ideas offered refreshing and optimistic, and you may welcome them as a guiding force for the conservative movement.

Finally, friends, thank you. This is likely the last time you’ll receive a Morning Buzz from me, as I’m transitioning to another wonderful opportunity.

I’ve enjoyed bringing reformocon ideas to your inbox and, in turn, getting your thoughts and ideas. In my time with the Conservative Reform Network, I’m grateful to have worked with insightful thought-leaders who are dedicated to applying long-standing conservative principles to the challenges of today.

I’ve also benefited from the guidance and insight of the outstanding people at CRN – John Murray, Neil Bradley, April Ponnuru, Ryan Ellis, Kate O’Beirne, and Stacey Johnson. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with.

Thank you, friends, and let’s stay in touch.

Keep the reform conservative light shining brightly!