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LA Times: Obamacare “Leaving Patients In The Lurch”

Happy Monday, Folks.

George E. Condon Jr. of National Journal recently noted that when making personnel announcements late last week, President Obama did not “signal convincingly that he knows how to provide a way forward for the 966 days he has left in the White House.”

If he is unsure about what do with his remaining time, why not work towards actually helping middle-class families, and push away from a Washington-based liberal agenda?

One of the most damaging elements of the agenda shared by Obama and his liberal allies is Obamacare.  Lisa Zamosky of The Los Angeles Times recently noted that because of Obamacare, people are losing access to their doctors. Writes Zamosky: “The problem involves not just consumers who are discovering their doctors are not covered by their plans. Some doctors have themselves been confused about whether they participate in various networks, making it difficult for them to instruct their patients. Other providers are dropping out of networks, leaving patients in the lurch.”

With news like this, it’s no wonder that 51 percent of Americans still oppose Obamacare. Middle-class Americans deserve better than what they’re getting from President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Reid, and House Minority Leader Pelosi.

Smart conservative policies, like those found in YG Network’s new book Room To Grow, can help middle-class Americans in their attempt to recover from the Obama economy.

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