K-12 Reform

An Agenda for K-12 School Reform

“The goal for reformers today should be to build on what’s been working, work on fixing what hasn’t, and replace bureaucratic excess with a spirit of decentralized problem-solving. The Left, with its taste for federal control and grand policy solutions, is ill-positioned to do that. Conservative reformers therefore have an enormous opportunity.”

— Frederick M. Hess

School is back in session and CRN is out with a new Room To Grow briefing book examining our nation’s education system. In An Agenda for K-12 School Reform, American Enterprise Institute education scholar Frederick Hess makes the case that the old way of doing things in our nation’s schools isn’t meeting the needs of our children. He argues that policymakers should expand school choice and encourage entrepreneurial innovation, while being aware of the dangers of federal overreach. Dr. Hess proposes an ambitious 10-point reform agenda, backed by polling data, while also addressing common questions including:

  • If we expand school choice, won’t all the other stuff take care of itself?
  • Should the state testing requirements of No Child Left Behind be scrapped?
  • Aren’t the unions really the problem?

We hope you take a few minutes to read this outstanding addition to our series lineup. An accompanying article based on the work in this briefing book appeared in the October 24 issue of National Review, and can be viewed here.