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ICYMI — Reforming K-12 Schooling


Good morning, friends, and welcome to Wednesday!

With so much going on – the new school year starting and Congress returning – we want to make sure you don’t miss the latest in our Room To Grow series.

Last week, we released An Agenda for K-12 School Reform by Frederick M. Hess, a resident scholar and Director of Education Policy Studies at AEI.

We know you’re busy, but really, you should check it out.

In his book, Hess outlines 10 specific policy proposals to expand choice, ensure greater accountability, and address widespread parental concerns:

  1. Expand the choice continuum
  2. Have student funding follow students
  3. Promote accountability for costs as well as test scores
  4. Increase accountability for more than reading and math
  5. Overhaul the teacher evaluation system and pay, but avoid one-size-fits-all rules
  6. Free schools from overgrown employee contracts
  7. Deregulate and attack bureaucratic creep
  8. Permit for-profit providers to compete on their merits
  9. Champion due diligence of the Common Core
  10. Protect privacy as well as educational research

Want to learn more about one of these specific policy proposals? Well, you’ll have to crack open Hess’s book. Download it here – for free.

We’ll even keep today’s Morning Buzz short so you can get to reading it.