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Getting Back to Work


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Yesterday, millions of Americans gathered with friends and family to celebrate Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer when vacations are in the rear-view mirror and kids are back in school. Central to Labor Day, however, is the recognition of the contributions of the U.S. worker to the prosperity and strength of our nation.

Unfortunately, the news for workers and the economy isn’t promising. On Friday, the Labor Department released disappointing jobs numbers for August: 151,000 new jobs added for the month of which only 126,000 were in the private sector.

The figure fell far short of projections. Both Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal had forecast 180,000 jobs created.

Also of note, manufacturing lost 14,000 jobs.

Since the end of the Great Recession, the economy creeps along at a sluggish pace, job creation remains weak, and workers’ wages lag. The country desperately needs economic, job, and wage growth.

While the current administration inspires little, if any, confidence that it is capable of creating an environment in which growth can flourish once again, reform conservatives offer an array of ideas to get Americans working again.

In Getting Back to Work, his book in CRNs Room To Grow series, Michael R. Strain details the problem of low labor force participation and advocates ideas to increase employment, including expanding apprenticeship programs, expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit for childless adults, and reducing barriers to work.

For more on Strain’s ideas to move beyond the so-called “new normal,” increase employment, and get American workers back to work, check out his book here.