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Fred Barnes on CRN’s “Smart, Interesting, and Useful” New Project…

Happy Friday, folks.

In a new must-read story, the Weekly Standard‘s Fred Barnes recaps his experience at CRN’s second annual policy summit, which we held last week in advance of a new policy project we will launch in June. He writes:

CRN, which brings together reform-minded Republicans and think tank scholars, is a leader in the conservative idea business. It has spurred a fresh flow of proposals, policies, talking points, and new ways of thinking, mostly based on a concept called “applied conservatism.” It’s a new term and likely to catch on. It means the application of conservative principles to current problems in American society and the crafting of practical solutions that have a fair chance of being enacted.

Barnes, a Fox News contributor, notes that CRN’s 2014 book of conservative reforms, entitled Room To Grow, was “was a hit in the policy community, among Republican elected officials and Capitol Hill staffers, and with party apparatchiks and the media,” and has been “downloaded 75,000 times” since its release last May. He continues:

Its success prompted Room to Grow II, with twice as many essays. To review and edit drafts of the new essays, the authors, along with CRN leaders and a few observers—I was one—gathered last weekend… The discussions were lively, even when the subject matter was not… Part two of Room to Grow will be released a few chapters at a time beginning in [June]. After reading the drafts, I can assure you it will be smart, interesting, and useful, particularly if you are a presidential candidate.

Earlier this week, Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson wrote that the closed-door sessions featured “enough crackling intellectual energy to recharge a party,” and embodied “an ambitious agenda” to empower individuals, families and communities through the application of proven conservative principles.

It’s further proof that CRN is playing a vital role as a hub for conservatives who understand the need to reform how government works, so we can grow our economy, expand the middle class, and create greater opportunity for all Americans.

We’re excited to keep you in the loop as we move ahead with this exciting project.

Carpe Diem.

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