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Catch Olympic Fever

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Are you ready for the Olympics? Well, the venues Rio may not be.

Marathoners and triathletes will stroke through the swimming leg in waters where a “super-bacteria” was found. And as if the collapse of the main ramp for sailing wasn’t bad enough, sailors will tack and jib in waters that have been “teeming with human excrement.”

Aside from problems with sporting venues, accommodations in the Olympic Village look like “a construction site,” according to one columnist. Holes in the roof have resulted in flooded bathrooms and rooms where athletes reside. Some rooms have no electricity while others have faulty wiring. For an athlete’s perspective, don’t miss Andrew Bogut’s tweets; they’ve been getting a lot of attention, including from CBS Sports.

Avoiding Olympic Village, the U.S. men’s and women’s basketball teams will reside aboard a luxury cruise ship.

In addition to living in shoddy accommodations, athletes must combat thieves, including those who stole clothing and laptops from the rooms of Australian athletes. Danish athletes have had phones, iPads, and even their sheets stolen.

If you haven’t already, catch Olympic fever. Go #TeamUSA!

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