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A New Face, But Old Problems

Even with the changing of the guards at HHS looming in the distance, problems still remain for President Obama’s troubled healthcare law. So much so that the Associated Press calls it a “New ‘Face,’ but…Old Problems for ‘Obamacare'”

For those working hardest, without the security of full-time employment, are the folks for whom Obamacare is making life more difficult. As the Wall Street Journal reports: Thousands of variable-hour employees—many of whom work on college campuses that don’t operate during summer months, or in restaurants where their schedules vary week to week—could lose their benefits as employers use new formulas to classify workers as full time or part time.

For the President and his liberal allies, this is just another signal that though they continue to claim victory, the healthcare law continues to be troublesome for middle-class Americans.

Conservatives have the right solutions to help a middle-class struggling under the weight of Obama’s presidency and all of it’s associated policies, including healthcare. It’s time that conservatives to step up, and bring this country back to greatness.