Your Thanksgiving Travel Checklist

Have you downloaded your favorite podcasts, Adele’s newest album, and your free copy of the latest installment in our Room To Grow series?


Mark Your Calendar Now

On Tuesday, December 8 at 10:00 am, CRN and Americans for Tax Reform will co-host an event about reforming the government’s tax treatment of business capital and investment.


Ensuring Impartial Application Of The Law

Policymakers should review and reform our system of federal administrative judges to ensure their impartiality.


How To Improve Your Commute

Download and read “Modernizing American Transportation Policy,” the latest installment in our Room To Grow series.


Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

While we aim every Thursday to use this space for light content, our hearts have been heavy. We dedicate this week’s release not only to Parisians who continue to recover but also to others throughout the world who face the existential threat posed by this vile, poisonous evil.


A Decision That Helps Working Families

Paul D. Ryan’s decision to serve as Speaker and continue his work-life balance will benefit working families throughout America.


How Conservatives Can Win

CRN has the answer: conservatives must engage in the process of determining how to spend $25 billion in BBA-required, domestic, nondefense spending.