Let The Sunshine In

Good morning, friends! Yesterday, the EPA issued an ill-conceived regulation that will drive up costs for American workers and will throw yet another wet blanket on our nation’s stunted economic growth. ACCCE reports: New analysis from NERA Economic Consulting reveals significant negative economic impacts resulting from EPA’s proposed CO2 emissions regulations, as the costs to […]

Reforming The EPA To Help Families And Improve The Economy


The Challenge The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a critical mission: protecting human health and the environment.  But as the agency admits on its website, its main tool to achieve this mission is the issuance of regulations. Prudent regulations can be a useful tool in protecting the environment. Ill-considered regulations can destroy jobs and raise […]


Have You Heard?


What a week it’s been at CRN!

“Shake It Off”


T Swift is right, and CRN has ideas about shaking off the skyrocketing cost of college, taxpayer-funded energy gambles, and overregulation.

Setting The Tone, Shaping The Agenda

Good morning, friends! Yesterday, we launched Room To Grow: A Series at Google’s D.C. office. The standing-room-only crowd of policy experts, journalists, congressional staffers, and Vint Cerf, an inventor of the Internet, among others, was impressed with the principled, practical solutions our new series offers. If you missed the event, you may watch it in […]

Join Us At Google Today At 1:30 PM

Have you been keeping an eye on the 2016 campaign? Are you ready to hear principled, practical solutions to serious issues facing America?

Protecting Our Youth And Communities From Synthetic Drugs


The Challenge A dangerous new drug epidemic has swept the nation in recent years. More and more individuals have been using synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic cathinones, two types of a new substance commonly referred to as synthetic drugs. According to a 2012 study, 1 in 9 high school seniors reported using synthetic drugs. Synthetic drugs […]