Happy Birthday, America!


  Good morning, friends! And welcome to Buzz Lite – our weekly, lighter, low-calorie alternative to the Morning Buzz. We need your help. Send us your suggestions for awesome, timely content – late night clips, ridiculous C-SPAN videos (they exist), memes of adorable kittens, editorial cartoons, (family-friendly-ish) jokes, etc. We will give you a h/t, […]

Get Your Hands Out Of Kids’ Pockets

Good morning, friends! We recently addressed how the current system for Title I funding fails underprivileged students, particularly those who seek to transfer to a school that better serves their needs. CRN Solutions Center released “Portability For Federal Education Dollars,” which details the deficiency of the current Title I system and identifies a solution: allow […]

When Students Transfer, Why Shouldn’t Their Federal Aid?

Good morning, friends! “In America, K-12 education should receive no funding. Not a cent,” said no one ever. Okay – maybe a supporter of America’s demise. For centuries, Americans have supported a quality public education for our children. To further that goal, Congress passed Title I education funding fifty years ago in an effort to […]

Portability For Federal Education Dollars

The Challenge The single largest federal K-12 education program is Title I education funding. Created in 1965, the program is intended to ensure students from low-income families receive a quality education. The approximately $15-billion-a-year program provides funds to local education agencies using fairly complicated formulas that include the number of low-income families in the area. […]

A Conservative Plan To End The Jiggery-Pokery

Happy Friday, friends! If you’re passing through Hamelin today, enjoy the Ratcatcher’s Day festivities. If you were stuck in a fallout shelter yesterday with no access to modern forms of communication, first, we’re glad you’re okay. Second, you probably missed that the Supreme Court decided King v. Burwell. Its holding effectively preserves Obamacare subsidies. Also, […]

An Opportunity that Shouldn’t be Missed

Thoughts on the Fiscal Aspects of 21st Century Cures by Neil Bradley, CRN Chief Strategy Officer Conservatives have long argued that, if we ever hope to get federal spending under control, we have to tackle mandatory spending – especially entitlements. Yet, year-in and year-out the spending debates in Washington seem to revolve almost exclusively around […]

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (To TPA)

Good morning, friends! Don’t forget to wish Solange Knowles, Beyoncé’s sister, a happy birthday. Now take a moment to applaud. No, seriously. Put your hands together. After clearing a procedural hurdle yesterday, the Senate is poised to pass Trade Promotion Authority today. Passage of TPA is a critical step in building a stronger, more robust […]