“Glimmers of Hope for Conservatism”

RSVP now for tomorrow evening, and don’t miss Reihan Salam’s discussion of the future of conservatism in an age of identity politics.


4 Ways to Unleash Entrepreneurship, America’s Small Businesses

Don’t miss Jim Pethokoukis’s book about reforms that can reinvigorate entrepreneurship, grow the economy, and increase opportunity.


A Conservative Reform Approach to the Federal Budget

Policymakers can improve the long-term health of the federal budget with a responsible, conservative approach.


Reviving Hopes for Criminal Justice Reform

Yesterday, a bipartisan group of senators unveiled the revised Sentencing Reform & Corrections Act of 2015.

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Bring Your Own Hot Sauce

And other things Hillary carries in her purse…

CRN Applauds Efforts to Block Obama Administration’s Fiduciary Rule

CRN opposes the Obama administration’s fiduciary rules which would restrict hard-working Americans’ access to sound financial advice as they plan and save for a secure retirement.


Want Innovation? Enter The Forum

Don’t miss The Forum which will explore how policymakers can spur greater private sector innovation and bring that innovation into government.