Making College More Affordable

We’ve been busy lately. On Monday, we opened the doors to our Ideas Lab with a feature from Dan Lips about expanding educational opportunities.


One Step To Expand Educational Opportunities

If you’ve been reading our Morning Buzz emails, Solutions Center pieces, or Room To Grow projects, you know that CRN and the reform conservative movement are strong proponents for expanding educational opportunities.


High Costs, Low Returns?

A recent survey reveals alumni question the value of their higher education.



Does that mean Bill will play R2-D2?


A Grownup Foreign Policy

Our friends at the John Hay Initiative recently released their e-book, Choosing To Lead. We mentioned this in yesterday’s Buzz, but their work is so important that we’re dedicating today’s Buzz to it.


ObamaCare 2.0 or HillaryCare 2.0?

Speaking of cooler temperatures, Hillary Clinton last week issued her plan to build upon ObamaCare, and its reception was, well, chilly.

Requiring Cost-Benefit Analysis For All Regulations

If you think regulators issuing rules without cost-benefit analysis could lead to bad public policy, you are not alone..