Opioid Addiction Isn’t Waiting

Congress should swiftly reconcile the differences between legislation that tackles America’s deadly epidemic of opioid addiction.


A “Realistic and Common Sense” Approach to Tax Reform

CRN’s Ryan Ellis evaluates Speaker Ryan and House Republicans’ blueprint for tax reform.


CRN, Conservative Groups Praise House Republicans’ Blueprint for Tax Reform

It’s time to overhaul our tax system to create a code that grows our economy, jobs, and workers’ paychecks.


“We Need a New 21st Century Health Care System”

We must pursue health care reforms that contain costs, improve our system of care, and protect the doctor-patient relationship.

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Congrats, Cleveland!

Your 68-year sports curse is broken…


Needed: Pro-Growth, Pro-Family Tax Reform

Measures to promote economic growth and provide relief to families with children should guide tax reform.


Real Problems, Real Solutions

The challenges facing our nation are real. Fortunately, reform conservatives have real solutions.